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Posted by CouchTuner 2014-Feb-23 | 2:35:54 PM

French policeman Louis Daniel now works for the International Criminal Court in The Hague and has put together a team of police officers from across Europe to deal with transnational crimes. He recruits former NYPD Sgt. Carl Hickman who left the force after being shot in the hand and under a cloud of suspicion. They are currently investigating a series of killings that they believe is the work of a serial killer. The first victim was in Rome 7 months ago, followed by similar deaths in Dublin, London and most recently, Paris.
Hickman, who is in constant pain owing to his hand injury, blames himself for San’s kidnapping. He soon realizes that it’s the killer who bought the dead woman the shoes. They identify the dead woman as Sasha Quinn who lived in London and worked as an escort. Investigator Sienna Pride puts her superior interrogation skills to work when questioning a young French police cadet who may have seen the murderer. The information leads them to identify the killer and a police report tells them where he is going.

Watch It Here : Crossing Lines Season 1 Episode 1-2


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