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Posted by CouchTuner 2020-Apr-9 | 10:07:26 AM

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Description for Couchtuner Bloom S2 A greater miracle or a greater curse? : The award-winning Stan Original Series Bloom has returned for a new season, continuing the story of the mysterious and inexplicable ‘fountain of youth’ that transformed the lives of a country community in the wake of a devastating flood. Now, time has passed and news of this “miracle” has spread, while some locals are hoping that they’ve seen the last of this phenomenal yet ultimately destructive plant. When newcomers arrive, however, a battle between science and faith erupts, and we discover the properties of this new, “second-generation” plant, are vastly more formidable than the first.

Description for Couchtuner Bloom S2E1 Blip: Three months on, a new family arrive in Mullan with a startling secret and a hidden agenda that could alter the course of human existence.

Watch it here  : Season 2 Episode 1

Description for Couchtuner Bloom S2E2 Fruit of the Earth: After learning how the new plants grow, Gwen’s desperation to rejuvenate Ray drives her back to her ex-boyfriend, Max – but will Max pay the ultimate price?

Watch it here  : Season 2 Episode 2

Description for Couchtuner Bloom S2E3 Hand of God: John attempts to prove the miracle to the church, while Ray realises that the side-effects of this new berry are far worse than he imagined.

Watch it here  : Season 2 Episode 3

Description for Couchtuner Bloom S2E4 Truer Lover : With Gwen at breaking point, Ray and Gwen turn to John for help… but can faith in a higher power save Gwen from herself?

Watch it here  : Season 2 Episode 4

Description for Couchtuner Bloom S2E5 The Evermore: A desperate Ray takes extreme measures to retrieve the love of his life.

Watch it here  : Season 2 Episode 5

Description for Couchtuner Bloom S2E6 The Cult Of Gwendolyn Reed: Ray, Anne and John’s agendas collide as they face off over the miracle.

Watch it here  : Season 2 Episode 6

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