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Posted by CouchTuner 2022-Jun-11 | 2:19:38 AM

Watch Series Intimacy Season 1 Episode 1 online on Couchtuner streaming free.

Description for Watch TV Series Intimacy S1E1:

A compromising sexual video featuring a promising politician, it depicts the lives of four women forced to walk the line between public and private life.

Episode 1 : Mayoral candidate Malen is publicly scorned when a secretly recorded intimate video is leaked. High school teacher Begoña receives tragic news.

Episode 2 : Alicia interrogates Ane’s former co-workers. When Malen’s political party punishes her for what she said at the recent press conference, she retaliates.

Episode 3 : In the past, Malen and César begin their ill-fated but passionate affair, and Ane suffers constantly from her co-workers' harassment.

Episode 4 : Begoña reaches out to one of Ane's exes as she tries to learn more about her sister's past. Malen is shaken by the news about César.

Episode 5 : Malen steps into her new role. Leire worries about whether Xabi will seek revenge. Begoña gets frustrated during a visit to Ane's former factory.

Episode 6 : After meeting with Ane's psychologist, Begoña takes action with an unexpected ally. Alicia investigates Malen's case as the mayor receives new threats.

Episode 7 : When a violent incident involving Leire occurs, Malen questions her own actions. Alicia attempts to track down Ane's ex. Miren seeks dirt on Gorka.

Episode 8 : Alicia focuses her energy on unmasking the mastermind behind the leaked video and César's assault. Malen makes a momentous career decision.

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