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Posted by CouchTuner 2022-Jul-28 | 6:44:00 AM

Watch Series The Rising Season 1 Episode 1 online on Couchtuner streaming free.

Description for Watch TV Series The Rising S1E1:

Neve Kelly discovers she is dead. She's scared and confused by this new existence. But, when she realizes she has been murdered, she's furious. She's determined to find her killer and get justice, believing that it was someone she knew.

Episode 1: Teenage Neve Kelly saves herself from the depths of a lake. When she arrives home exhausted, she finds that no-one can see her.

Episode 2: Neve finds that her father can see her. She asks him for help because she wants to find out what happened the night before. Her death was not an accident, but murder.

Episode 3: Suspicions grow regarding Neve's ex-boyfriend Joseph and what part he may have had to play in her death.

Episode 4: As Neve pursues a connection in the woods, a supernatural breakthrough leads to some disturbing revelations.

Episode 5: Sure she knows who her killer is, Neve seeks help from Alex, whose mother and father are beginning to show concern.

Episode 6: Budding relationships falter and old ones have the potential to rekindle as Neve and Alex fall out.

Episode 7: It's seven years earlier and the last day of Victoria Sand's life.

Episode 8: Everything comes to a head, and Neve and Alex must fight their way back to each other.

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