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Posted by CouchTuner 2023-Mar-31 | 2:03:37 AM

Watch Series The Croods Family Tree Season 6 Episode 1 online on Couchtuner streaming free.

Description for Watch TV Series The Croods Family Tree S6E1:

Following the events in the feature film THE CROODS: A NEW AGE, two very different families join forces to create a new community, an us-against-the-world, cave person co-op on the most amazing farm in the history of prehistory!

Phil Pickle : When Phil's beloved stick companion Philliam goes missing, he enlists the help of Ugga and Eep, who lead an investigation across the farm.

Best Friend in Show : The kids hold a contest to see who has the best pet. Meanwhile, Phil's attempts to find a pet to enter prove dangerous as he turns to wild animals.

Game of Crows : The Croods and Bettermans take in Malachi, Gran's longtime enemy, until his broken wing heals, but Eep is unsure if he can be trusted.

Pie Hard : After a back-breaking day of farm chores, all Grug and Phil want is a slice of pie, but with only one slice left, both argue about who deserves it more.

Snack of Dawn : Dawn is bummed when an injury prevents her from joining the Croods and Bettermans to a trip to Fizzy Falls, but when Thunk recruits her on his quest for an ancient stash of legendary snacks, she can't resist joining the treasure hunt.

Fam Farm Fun Fest : The kids set off to bring Chunky back home when leaves to follow the distant call of another death cat.

It's an Under-ful Life : When Phil can't convince Hope, Grug, and Ugga that the treehouse is more impressive than the new subterranean cave Grug discovered, he sets out to destroy the cave.

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