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          1. Yes. That’ll be great.. THANX for replying.. Oh I got a suggestion: you should have a favorite list added .like how Netflix & Hulu have it. Anywho HÄPPŸ ŃĖWŸĘÅŘ ???AND THANK YOU AGAIN FOR ADDING THE SHOW??

  1. I cannot watch couchtuner! I have mediacom as my internet provider, and when I click my old bookmark for couchtuner it took me to a mediacom search page that NEVER lets me onto the couchtuner website. I finally found a way around them and now I am here. But, when I click to play, it opens a new RED window, says security error in the address url, and the big red page says:

    The site ahead contains harmful programs

    Attackers on might attempt to trick you into installing programs that harm your browsing experience (for example, by changing your homepage or showing extra ads on sites you visit).

    I think this is mediacom blocking me because they want me to buy cable tv, but I am not sure how to get around this current problem. Help, thanks

    1. we do understand your desire to watch sports entertainment, but its the only thing we resist
      Shows like WWE, sports etc are not easy to add, and should be watched on their official channels. Hope you got our point

      1. NP! If i’d had known i wouldn’t have asked. :) Ty for your time, I understand. I love the site ty for the hard work. Merry Christmas.

  2. can you add say yes to the dress and the little couple and teen wolf the after show and la ink and tattoo nightmares please and thank you xx (sorry i know its a lot to ask )

          1. from my view it wants me to create a discus account to comment or post and i have to create couchtuner to watch shows and its not free .

    1. For some reason centric is a hard station to access… via online… I too have been dying to watch FROM THE BOTTOM UO


    1. Toni braxton story is a tv movie i reckon. will add soon..But we are unable to find “From the bottom up” ..Lets keep this show on waiting radar. and we’ll add whenever its available

      1. Aww you guys are so nice! I found about this site when I would watch lie to me. It was sometimes linked to the Lie To Me streaming blogspot website. I think the main site used to be called something else, but I don’t remember now.

        Thank you so much for this. :)

      2. Boss man, don’t you upload reality show no more? I want to see new KUWTK or do you know any other sites I can watch reality shows like that?

  4. would you be able to add Wolf Watch season 5?
    (wolf watch is a tv series that doesn’t air anymore and is on mtv online but i can’t watch it. it also used to be on after teen wolf)

  5. I was watching the 3rd season of Suits and episode #13 to the end has been deleted. Is there a chance they can be restored? The next available episode is Season 4, ep 5. Help! Please and Thank you!

  6. Thank you for all you do. Those of us around the world with disabilities really appreciate the time and effort of what you all do here. Even while in the hospital having 5 procedures done I could tune in and take my mind off the pain. Thank you ever so much. Have a beautiful day.

    1. Outlander new season already started! All the best for watching
      “The Last Kingdom” season 2 is definitely on the cards, but no official date is announced yet. hope it comes out soon.

  7. Hey, can you all get the show “Chasing Destiny”. The new singing competition show that Kelly Rowland is hosting.

  8. can someone tell me why when i try to watch shows on here it want let me it says i have to create a account which ask for a credit card? You only get so many days free and i don’t plan to pay the prices that was shown. It says sign up required to watch.

  9. Where’s Arabian at? She used to run a tight ship on the other domain which is now banned in the UK. None of this, broken link and listings missing half the episodes shit. what’s up with that?

        1. VM & Sky are both money mad. They shouldnt be banning any site im sure its breaching some aspect of my freedom. You can use proxy’s like hide my ass. Some do charge though. Why should we be paying tv licences and subscriptions on top. They made a killing when they made us all go digital. No wonder Brano has an Island and now wants the NHS.

  10. I hate to be picky since you guys are so responsive and helpful but I have to tell you that recently the All My Videos links have been loaded with pop ups and intrusive ads. They used to be the most reliable video sources, but now they’re the worst. Also TheVid is practically unusable since every time you pause or even expand the player an ad pops up. I’m also an avid user of ad blocker.

    Can you please consider some alternate, more reliable video hosts? I just feel like it’s getting unsafe to stream.

  11. Why don’t you list BrainDead and ZOO??? You show the listing, but you do not have ANY recent episodes!!! I have noticed that CouchTuner is – NOT – as good as it used to be!!! What has happened to you???

  12. Not that much to look at after taking off all the messy stuff that hangs around! That’s what it looks like from my end!

    1. Major Crimes, Motive.. r not bad… but yeah, so many crap that already runs on TV, and if I don’t feel like watching it there, don’t see why I would suddenly watch it here!!!

  13. links on Dance Moms and if loving you is wrong and also 800 aren’t working properly, they start and then they cut off; i cleared cache and restarted and still the same problem.

        1. well the shows are up daily. you need to clear your browser cache. alternatively you can press CTRL + F5 to see recent added content! Good Luck

          1. okay i got it. i dont like the new update it seems very confusing, why did you all change it. the previous one was much better

  14. Looks like the copyright party poopers are doing everything they can to shut this site down or make it so difficult to watch something that you give up.

  15. This site is great. Was probably THE best hands down until the quality of the streaming links started to go downhill a few months ago…and then now it’s just. I understand that Allmyvideos is shutting down but we really need better alternatives to this click bate mess that remains. It’s unwatchable.

    1. Oasis was an Amazon pilot episode. They haven’t made any other episode yet. Depending on the reception and the demand for more, they might produce a whole series.

      1. waaahhhhh… ok, thats pants … I actually really enjoyed the pilot… so fingers and toes and eyes crossed it gets picked up

  16. Stop uploading links with YK Jack in the filename. They are always crap! The audio is never in sync with the video. And sites keep using them even though they’re unwatchable by five to ten minutes in. Why can’t poeple check what they upload so this doesn’t happen. I guess i have high standards or everyone has very low standards. Either way YK Jack uploads need to be removed.

  17. Into The Badlands; ALL LINKS ARE DEAD for season 1 & 2!
    Bombastically lame things like Fake housewives, talk shows and stuffs are working fine, and on the other hand, most links of all the good series (what this site was supposed to be about) are not working!!!!!

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