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Posted by CouchTuner 2015-Jun-19 | 11:01:38 AM

Watch Series Dallas 2012 Online Free

Watch Dallas Online. In the season 2 finale, JR’s body is exhumed, and two shell casings are removed from his chest cavity. Evidence is planted by the Ewings to frame Cliff for JR’s murder, for which Cliff is arrested in Nuevo Laredo. Meanwhile, Harris Ryland is arrested in Dallas on drug charges. Elena seeks help from someone from her past, after Cliff reveals to her that years back JR switched land deeds, cheating Elena’s father out of oil-rich land while the Ewings made millions of dollars. When Cliff is arrested, Christopher reveals to him that he inherited his mother’s shares of Barnes Global, saying “welcome me to the board, Uncle Cliff”. John Ross and Pamela also reveal to Cliff they also own one-third of Barnes Global, telling Cliff he is now the minority shareholder in his own company. After it is revealed that JR only had a few days left to live, due to cancer, Bum reveals he shot JR, because JR asked him to do it.