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Posted by CouchTuner 2014-Mar-21 | 10:39:13 AM

Watch Series Merlin Online Free

Watch Merlin Online. The adolescent warlock Merlin is sent by his mother to lead an anonymous life in Camelot, under the care of the court physician Gaius. On his arrival, he sees the execution of a man accused of sorcery as the King, Uther Pendragon, has banned sorcery on pain of death. A hideous old woman, the condemned man’s mother and a sorceress, vows revenge before vanishing. Merlin realizes he must keep a low profile. He then discovers the Great Dragon, who tells him that he must protect Arthur until he becomes king and guide him to unite Albion. Merlin disagrees, seeing Arthur as an obnoxious bully. At a feast, the disguised mother of the sorcerer casts a spell on the guests and attempts to stab a defenseless Arthur. Merlin interferes, saving Arthur’s life, and is rewarded with a position as Arthur’s manservant.


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