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Posted by CouchTuner 2014-Mar-21 | 12:37:40 PM

Watch Series Misfits Online Free

Watch Misfits Online. Nathan, Kelly, Curtis, Alisha, Simon and Gary are a group of misfits who have nothing in common except for the ‘Community Payback’ scheme they have all been lumbered with at their local community centre, for various crimes and misdemeanours. When the group gets caught in a freak storm on the first day, some of them discover that they have superpowers. The storm also affects their probation worker, Tony, mutating him so he has super strength and a murderous hatred towards the “ASBO scum” he supervises. He attempts to murder the other Misfits; however, Kelly kills him in self-defense and they decide to bury Gary and Tony’s corpses under a nearby flyover.