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Posted by CouchTuner 2015-Apr-11 | 1:54:57 AM

Using information from Urich, Murdock finds the base of Gao’s heroin operation and dismantles it, with Gao, who can hold her own against Murdock, escaping and deciding to return to her homeland to think about the future. Fisk’s men find Wesley, and the grieving Fisk realizes that the last person he talked to was Vistain. Wanting to keep those he loves safe by sending them out of the country, Fisk is unable to convince Marianna to leave him, but does get Vistain away, with the sick Vistain unable to tell him what her call to Wesley was about. Nelson continues his work without Murdock, and takes what they know to Stahl. Page, struggling to get over killing Wesley, convinces Urich to write the story, but it is rejected by Ellison. When Urich accuses Ellison of being paid off by Fisk, he gets fired. Urich decides to start his own blog to get Fisk’s story out there, but Fisk’s actual informant in the Bulletin tells him that Urich visited Vistain, angering him to the point that he breaks into Urich’s apartment and kills him.

Watch It Here : Daredevil Season 1 Episode 12 The Ones We Leave Behind


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