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Author: Couchtuner

CouchTuner does not host or upload media files/videos. The videos or media files you see on the site only contain links to actual site/s, which may have hosted the files (e.g. nowvideo.sx, vidbull, allmyvideos, putlocker.com and many other sites). CouchTuner is therefore not liable to any legal or copyright concerns. For legal or copyright issues, contact the file hosters itself for appropriate actions.

Also, the contents you see on the site are from wikepedia.org. Contents found on that site as stated can be freely quoted, copied, adapted and reused by any third party website with just few considerations

7 thoughts on “Disclaimer

  1. why do you allow or host advertisements that lock up your viewers computer?? Such as all the “Security Warning, your computer is infected with a virus”??? WHY???

  2. i signed up for 7 day free trial and want to cancel today as my 7 days is up. i was unable to watch the show i signed up for it streamed too slow to watch. i cannot find anywhere to contact you guys or anyway to cancel subscription….bit didgy guys. Can anyone help me please?

  3. Not even going to discuss the fact that the site owned tuned in to a money hungry add whore but seriously do something to the site. It’s using 99% processing power from my i7 – 7700k cpu. If this isn’t fixed i literally cant watch shit from this site. Repost!

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