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Posted by CouchTuner 2015-Apr-11 | 1:41:21 AM

After Temple tends to Murdock’s wounds, Nelson confronts him about his “blindness” and vigilante activities. Murdock explains that after experiencing the twisted morals of Landman and Zack, Murdock took it upon himself to confront a paedophilic and incestuous rapist with no legal evidence against him, but who Murdock had discovered through his heightened senses. Since then, he had been doing everything he could to make the city a better place whenever the law wouldn’t. Nelson, unable to look past Murdock’s lies, leaves their firm. Urich, after the extension on his sick wife’s hospital stay is denied and he is offered a better paying job as an editor rather than a reporter, decides to give up the investigation. Page, in an attempt to change his mind, takes him to a rest home she just discovered, where they meet Marlene Vistain, Fisk’s mother, who tells them that Fisk killed his father. Fisk, meanwhile, is throwing a charity gala to publicly raise money for victims of the bombings. There, many of the guests, including Mariana, are poisoned.

Watch It Here : Daredevil Season 1 Episode 10 Nelson v. Murdock


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