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Posted by CouchTuner 2015-Apr-10 | 7:23:36 PM

Murdock tracks down Owlsley, but is distracted by the arrival of an elderly man: Murdock’s mentor, Stick, who taught him to master his abilities as a child, but abandoned him when Murdock developed an attachment to him. Now, he enlists Murdock’s help in destroying Black Sky, a weapon that the Japanese, led by Nobu, are bringing to New York. Stick agrees to refrain from killing, but breaks his promise when he kills Black Sky, who is actually a young boy. After fighting in Murdock’s apartment, Murdock defeats Stick, who agrees to leave the city. Urich, having agreed to help Page expose the further scandal and corruption surrounding Hell’s Kitchen and Union Allied, explains that they need proof before they can publish anything. While searching for a connection between Tulley’s men and Union Allied, Page is confronted by them. Nelson helps her escape them, so she and Urich explain their investigation to him. Stick later converses with a heavily scarred man about Murdock’s role in events to come.

Watch It Here : Daredevil Season 1 Episode 7 Stick


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