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Posted by CouchTuner 2015-Jul-21 | 10:01:29 AM

Description by couchtuner for Desperate Housewives Season 5 Episode 24 : Bree tells Karl about Orson’s shady blackmail scheme, and Karl finds a way to scare him off, but things backfire when Bree becomes upset with him and Orson still doesn’t leave her. Tom learns he’s been accepted in college after all, and Lynette worries her cancer might be back. Katherine and Mike head off to the airport to get married in Las Vegas afterwards. Ana Solis (guest star Maiara Walsh), Carlos’ niece, arrives on Wisteria Lane to stir up some trouble. Karen and her sister Roberta (guest star Lily Tomlin) break into Dave’s home, and in the meantime Dave comes closer and closer to exacting his revenge schemes, and no one is safe.

Watch It Here :Desperate Housewives Season 5 Episode 24 If It’s Only In Your Head (2)


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