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Posted by CouchTuner 2022-Oct-8 | 3:00:47 AM

Watch Series Fire Country Season 1 Episode 1 online on Couchtuner streaming free.

Description for Watch TV Series Fire Country S1E1:

Fire Country Season 1 Episode 1: Max Thieriot stars as Bode Donovan, a young convict seeking redemption and a shortened prison sentence by joining a prison release firefighting program in Northern California where he and other inmates are partnered with elite firefighters to extinguish massive, unpredictable wildfires across the region. It’s a high-risk, high-reward assignment, and the heat is turned up when Bode is assigned to the program in his rural hometown, where he was once a golden all-American son until his troubles began. Five years ago, Bode burned down everything in his life, leaving town with a big secret. Now he’s back, with the rap sheet of a criminal and the audacity to believe in a chance for redemption

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