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Posted by CouchTuner 2023-Mar-12 | 4:34:55 PM

Watch Series Django Season 1 Episode 4 online on Couchtuner streaming free.

Description for Watch TV Series Django S1E4:

Season 1, Episode 05 – “Chambersburg”
Django uses a ruse to find out if Seymour is a traitor. He is supposed to accompany a bogus oil shipment to the north while another shipment is made to the south.

Season 1, Episode 06 – “The Trial”
With a lawsuit, Elizabeth tries to take the country from her opponent John. When John is arrested by Sheriff Boone, Django wants to help his friend and clear up the injustice.

Season 1, Episode 07 – “The Giant”
John learns that Seymour nearly set fire to the city, before fleeing to find Elizabeth. To defend the city, John is determined to raise an army, a bellicose desire that greatly displeases Sarah. In addition, memories come back to haunt the young woman.

Season 1, Episode 08 –
The revenge campaign against John continues and Elizabeth hires Leonard to kidnap Sarah. When Django finds out, he steps in and proposes a deal to Leonard.

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