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Posted by CouchTuner 2023-Sep-10 | 4:47:25 PM

 “Step Back”
Dushane agrees to back Shelley’s new business venture. Sully receives a shipment containing a terrible surprise.

“The Tour”
Jaq spends time with her sister, Lauryn. Sully tries to take care of a new threat, but Dushane won’t trust him to do it alone.

“Birthday Party”
Dushane tries to track down his investments. Sully plots a move against his new partners. Shelley’s dreams are dashed.

Stefan and Erin take a step forward in their relationship. Shelley calls it quits with Dushane. Jaq starts to doubt everything.

“Has It Come To This”
After a daring move, Jaq goes on the run. Sully looks for answers. Dushane learns that investigators are pursuing him closely.

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