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Posted by CouchTuner 2024-Mar-1 | 4:52:07 AM

Watch Series God Save Texas Season 1 Episode 1 online on Couchtuner streaming free.

Description for Watch TV Series God Save Texas S1E1:

Season 1, Episode 01 – “Hometown Prison”
Richard Linklater revisits his hometown to explore its diverse inhabitants, painting a vibrant portrait that encapsulates the criminal justice system of Texas.

Season 1, Episode 02 – “The Price of Oil”
Alex Stapleton explores the industry’s impact on her family, who arrived as enslaved people in the 1830s, built thriving communities, and now must cope with the human costs of Texas’ biggest money-maker.

Season 1, Episode 03 – “La Frontera”
Iliana Sosa examines how “nepantla,” an embrace of in-betweenness, characterizes relations to both her Mexican heritage and her hometown of El Paso, Texas.

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God Save Texas Season 1 Episode 1

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