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Posted by CouchTuner 2024-Jul-10 | 2:38:18 AM

Watch Series The Night Caller Season 1 Episode 2 online on Couchtuner streaming free.

Description for Watch TV Series The Night Caller S1E2:

Season 1, Episode 02 –
The awful realisation of what Tony has done starts to dawn on him. He goes into survival mode and tries to cover up the horror of the previous night. He goes to the night café where he meets Rob and asks for help, but does Rob know what Tony has done? Reluctantly, Rob tells Tony that he knows someone who can help him out. We get the sense that Rob knows more than he's letting on.

Season 1, Episode 03 –
A nurse is treating Tony at the hospital. She happens to be a former pupil of Tony’s and he breaks down when she expresses how much his encouragement meant to her when she was at school. DS Marshall arrives to interview Tony at the hospital about the violent attack he’s suffered. She pushes him but Tony lies about what really happened. When she begins to probe further, Tony feigns a panic attack. Before leaving the hospital Tony stumbles across Ste’s room where he is wired up and in a coma. Tony witnesses first-hand the consequences of his actions.

Season 1, Episode 04 –
Lawrence is passed out on his sofa after his big night while Tony has taken it upon himself to confront him. Tony wants revenge, payback, but he doesn’t have a plan, he’s not thought that far ahead.

Tony creeps into Lawrence’s house. He discovers a recording studio in the house – this is where Lawrence broadcasts from – this is where he creates his ‘fake persona’.

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