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Posted by CouchTuner 2015-Oct-10 | 2:19:37 AM

Watch Series Continuum Online Free

Watch Continuum Online. After Kiera goes back in time, she finds out that she can communicate with a young Alec Sadler using her wireless technology. Sadler is famous in her time for inventing this technology. However, in sixty years’ time, an elderly Alec Sadler is actually the head of the mega-corporation Sadtech, whose technology may have been used to send Kiera and the others back in time. Young Alec points out that there are essentially two possibilities. The first is that this is a time loop, and elderly Alec in 2077 had already met Kiera, remembered everything they did together, and was possibly even inspired to create cybernetic technology from encountering “his” future work in her implants.