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Posted by CouchTuner 2018-Jul-26 | 3:08:13 AM

Watch Series Colony Online Free

Watch Colony Online Free at Couchtuner. Partly inspired by the Nazi-occupied France of the 40s – COLONY is really an intriguing thriller – shadowy conflict and espionage framed by a dystopian future.

Set in a bleaker future on an Earth conquered by alien forces, Colony focuses on one family amongst the splintered people of Earth in an occupied LA region. Two kinds of people form: those who take the easy path, choosing to collaborate with the aliens in order to gain small favours; and those who try to resist the occupation, forced into secret communications, finding only trouble and hardship. At first the resistance is only aware of their own small area in LA, but as the show progresses the network of resistance widens, and people start to find out what is going on in the greater world.