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Posted by CouchTuner 2014-Jun-23 | 1:07:54 AM

Watch Series Enlisted Online Free

Watch Enlisted Online at Supersoldier Pete Hill was headed for Patton-like military glory, until he punched a superior in Afghanistan. Now ENLISTED finds him booted back to Fort McGee, a Florida military base where, it happens, his two misfit brothers are stationed: sweet, sensitive, and excitable Randy and sarcastic troublemaking middle brother Derrick. Now Pete is Randy and Derrick’s platoon sergeant, and what a platoon it is, full of what caustic rival Staff Sergeant Jill Perez calls “rejects and mental patients.” The platoons headed by both Pete and Perez are part of Rear D, the soldiers left behind when their units are deployed for battle. Pete disparages the job as washing cars and mowing lawns