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Posted by CouchTuner 2017-Sep-12 | 6:13:19 AM

Watch Series Baller Wives Online Free

Watch Baller Wives Online for free at CouchTuner.

Miami! It’s the land of beautiful people, white sand beaches and stunning estates, it’s a playground for many, including the wives of professional athletes and their families. These ladies, their husbands and their children, come to Miami to live the high life and all that it offers – the lavish homes, fancy cars & nightlife in South Beach. And yet they still lead normal lives – they pick up their kids from school, have double dates with friends and gossip. For these ladies, balancing kids and adult responsibilities with having fun in the Miami sun is normal, it’s their life and they love it! Baller Wives is the new docu-series capturing the world of legendary professional athletes’ wives and how together they made millions and settled in Miami to raise their families and start the next phase of their lives. Baller Wives will follow these women as they reveal what it means to be the wife.