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Posted by CouchTuner 2022-Jan-9 | 9:40:53 AM

Watch Series Dexter Online Free

Watch Dexter Online. Dexter is introduced as a serial killer who kills other killers who have escaped from, or haven’t been found by the justice system. By day he is a blood spatter analyst who works for the Homicide Department of the Miami Metro Police. Dexter has a quasi-relationship with Rita Bennett, a similarly troubled divorcee raising two young children while her husband is in prison. One day, Dexter is called to a murder scene involving mutilated bodies, but with no blood visible. The murderer, soon to be nicknamed the “Ice Truck Killer”, intrigues Dexter with this intricate methodology and a personal message in form of a mutilated doll. At the same time, Dexter’s hard-nosed sister Debra, a vice squad officer, tries to gain a transfer into the Homicide Department.


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