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Posted by CouchTuner 2017-Feb-7 | 6:18:24 AM

Watch Series K.Michelle: My Life Online Free

Watch K.Michelle: My Life Online Free at Couchtuner. It seems like mere months ago, K.Michelle was wreaking havoc in Atlanta, living life without a care or concern beyond what was best for her. But now, K.Michelle is living life on a WHOLE NEW LEVEL. A move to NYC, a hit album, and bonafide super-stardom have taken K.Michelle from the crazy girl­ next­ door, to the electric and eccentric diva, taking the music industry by storm. But K.Michelle isn’t doing this alone. From superstar producers and celebrity friends, to her core ‘family’ in NYC, K.Michelle has a team in place to help her navigate life, love, and making music in the big city. She may LOOK like she has it all together, but NOTHING is as it appears in K’s crazy world. Take for instance, her career. Coming off of a MAJOR success with her hit album “Rebellious Soul,” K.Michelle is currently on tour, and getting ready to start recording her second album. But K’s desire to change up her signature (and successful) sound, is being met with a cold reception from her label, who wants to keep K.Michelle’s brand predictable to ensure certain sophomore success. Will K’s creative vision be achieved? Or will her voice be silenced by critics and industry executives? And what about K.Michelle’s family? With financial success comes resources­ resources that allow her to take better care of her 10­year­old son, Chase, who currently lives in Memphis with his grandparents. Will K.Michelle uproot her son so that she can finally be the mother to him she has always dreamed of being? Luckily for K.Michelle, she has a solid group of friends helping to guide her: Paris, a true tell­ it­ like­ it­ is New Yorker, Nema, her glamorous roommate in­ the­ know, Jonathan, her trusted makeup artist and advisor, and a reunion with Tracie, her childhood friend who could turn out to be K’s greatest enemy. K.Michelle has the life she’s always dreamed of, but will it ever be enough?