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Posted by CouchTuner 2015-Feb-19 | 3:10:51 AM

Watch Series The Mentalist Online Free

Watch The Mentalist Online at CT. The main crime in the episode is a gruesome double murder of the wife of pro-golfer Price Randolph, and her doctor in Randolph’s house. In the bedroom, the signature mark for the serial killer Red John is left, a face drawn in blood. As played out in flashbacks, Red John killed Jane’s wife and only daughter after Jane went on a variety show where he claimed he would catch Red John using his supposed “mental powers”. In the present day however, Jane claims that the killer is not Red John but a copycat. His reasoning being that the face in blood is not theatrical enough. It would not be the first thing the witnesses would see and Red John, being a theatrical person, would demand that their attention be seized. The team goes to visit Dr. Wagner, Price Randolph’s doctor and ex-colleague of Gregory Tannen, the doctor murdered in Randolph’s home. Jane asks Wagner if Tannen had a diary to which Wagner responds that he does not know.


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