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Posted by CouchTuner 2015-Apr-10 | 1:16:40 PM

Murdock is unable to find any record of Fisk, and so continues to interrogate criminals, searching for answers. Wesley informs the Ranskahovs of an offer Fisk has made to help with their operations, given their recent failures. Angered at this apparent slight, they attempt to stop the man in black once and for all by visiting the Russian in hospital that Murdock threw from the roof, who tells them of Temple. They send men to kidnap her, but she manages to call Murdock in time to alert him of her kidnapping. The Russians attempt to torture Murdock’s name out of Temple, until Murdock arrives and defeats all of the gangsters. Seeing the aftermath of this, the Ranskahovs decide to agree to Fisk’s offer, with Anatoly going to tell Fisk personally. Fisk is having dinner with Vanessa Marianna, an art gallery curator. When Anatoly barges into the restaurant, Fisk quickly takes a confused Marianna home. Angered at this intrusion and embarrassment, Fisk beheads Anatoly and orders Wesley to send the body to Vladimir.

Watch It Here : Daredevil Season 1 Episode 4


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