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Posted by CouchTuner 2015-Apr-10 | 11:50:50 AM

Wesley, having become aware of Nelson and Murdock thanks to their involvement with Page during the Union Allied scandal, hires them to defend John Healy, an assassin. Though Nelson wishes not to get involved with an obvious criminal element, Murdock wishes to use the case to discover who Wesley’s employer is, and so accepts Wesley’s offer, which includes a substantial sum to ensure their silence. Page receives a similar offer from Union Allied, who don’t want her to talk to anyone else about the scandal, and threaten to sue her for leaking company secrets to the press if she doesn’t agree. Despite this, Page goes to Urich, whose editor Ellison is forcing him to write superfluous stories rather than the major crime breaks of his youth, and offers to tell him more about the Union Allied scandal. After successfully defending Healy, Murdock confronts him in costume and forces him to reveal Wesley’s employer, Wilson Fisk. Healy then commits suicide rather than face the consequences of this.

Watch It Here : Daredevil Season 1 Episode 3 Rabbit in a Snow Storm


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