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Posted by CouchTuner 2015-Jun-17 | 11:03:51 AM

Watch Series 24: Live Another Day Online Free

Watch 24 : Live Another Day Online at Jack Bauer is trying to work through and repair his relationship with his wife, Teri (from whom he was briefly separated) and his teenage daughter Kim, who blames Teri for their separation. Just as Teri and Jack realize that Kim has snuck out of the house, Jack gets a call from his co-worker Nina Myers, who informs him of an emergency briefing at the Counter Terrorist Unit. Jack reluctantly leaves his disappointed wife. When Jack arrives at the Counter-Terrorist Unit, Richard Walsh, Jack’s mentor, informs the CTU staff that African-American presidential candidate David Palmer is a target for assassination. Walsh takes Jack aside for a private conversation, in which Walsh tells Jack that someone inside CTU is a mole working for the assassins. “Trust no one,” he tells Jack


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